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Why Choose a Couples AND Sex Therapist?


Why indeed?  Because long-term couples relationships just plain do better with a satisfying sex life. Research backs this up.  Couples and sexuality go hand-in-hand – they’re inextricably interrelated – and in fact they overlap in many important ways. So integrating them together in the therapy room makes sense.  If you choose a Couples and Sex Therapist, you’re respecting the fact that both emotional satisfaction and a mutually satisfying sex life are vital to a successful relationship.

So why would you choose a couples and sex therapist?  Too frequently therapists and clients hope that by working through conflicts and improving communication, sex will improve spontaneously.  Sadly, the facts just don’t prove this out: in fact it’s usually not the case.  Couples therapy seems to help with everything else that’s a problem – except sex.  So while sexual issues are often what motivates partners to seek therapeutic help, couples therapy on its own most probably won’t resolve sex issues. 

So if you decide to work with me, we’ll address the most important issues that come up in BOTH the living room and the bedroom.

  • At the same time we start to break down barriers to harmony, mutual respect and loving connection…
  • We will launch a structured, pro-active plan to improve your sex life.

We’ll start with what’s bothering you most:

  • Do you have communication problems?  Are you fighting, distancing or feeling resentful?  Anger or trust issues?  I’ll teach you state-of-the art ways to improve your communication, increase mutual understanding, compassion, empathy and support, and help you start feeling close again.  The techniques you’ll learn reflect the latest advances in brain research, attachment theory and mindfulness.
  • Sexual issues?  We all have them from time-to-time over the course of our lives. Using a safe, private, non-judgmental approach, we will set out a specific therapeutic program to improve the situation, whether it be desire discrepancy, arousal, orgasmic, erectile, ejaculation, developmental/aging or cultural issues, or any sexual concern.  Keep in mind that, with sex therapy, making time to do the homework we decide upon together – in the privacy of your home, of course – is at least as important as coming to therapy sessions!

According to the American Association of Couples and Sex Therapists, Couples and Sex Therapy is an innovative field: Consider taking advantage of this leading-edge way to improve your relationship. Give me a call at: (310) 488-5292 or email me at: so we can discuss how we could work together.


Catherine Lockwood, MFT

American Association of Couples and Sex Therapists (AACAST) Certified Couples & Sex Therapist

LGBT / GLBT Friendly and Affirmative

Catherine Lockwood

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